Friday, May 11, 2018

My non Chronological report

Hello, this is my non Chronological report, For the last week or so I Have been learning about non Chronological reports we did a ton of them but I chose this one to put on my blog. I learned that non-chronological has a heading and subheadings and they are long. I found thinking of a subheading .for the time I improved I put in some comas into my writing. That writing down the bottom is my non Chronological report



It has 5 red legs, a big brown hairy body,
a 12 burnt on its body.
It has razor sharp teeth,
bright yellow eyes.
It has long sharp poisonous claws,
a long scaly tail.

How dangerous is it

It will swipe its claw at anyone it sees,
If they try to run, It will summon a beast to stomp on the person that tries to run
.The summoner will also bite anyone who goes near it.

Where to find it
If you find a dark cave with 2 anonymous yellow glowing dots DO NOT GO IN.

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