Friday, November 30, 2018

Pet day--the begining

Hello, bloggers today is PET DAY. But the pets aren't here  yet but they will be here soon, but for the morning we made vegetable sculptures, the only problem Rhys and I had was we didn't have sewers when we where meant to so it was a challenge. First rhys and me had to do was get our stuff out of our cubbies and find a spot to sit. When me and rhys sat down for work we forgot that we needed sewers and we didn't have some but we worked through it with ... scissors. By cutting holes into the spot that we wanted to put it and used some force but that didn't work so I cut deeper holes into my body ( witch was a purple potato ) and then  I put it in and that worked. When it came to the legs I had cut a small hole and the legs poped out and I had to cut more deep. Erler hunter gave rhys some sewers and rhys gave me a sewer and I cut it in halve and put a pice so it could stand up and gave it a cape. The finished product looked so cool.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Hoked on books week number 2.

Hey, bloggers this weeks another hoked on books week but this time we did coding. We used this website called is so much fun because of the variety of projects you can do like dance party and a star wars game. My favorite one was dance party because you can change the song,the dancer and what dances they do. here's my dance party that I did it is called you are the dancer. The controls are up arrow key is floss, down is zombie, left is dab and right is fresh. You can have so much fun with this website so give it a go.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

My free writing - the plane crash -

Hello, bloggers for my free write I have been writing a story called the plane crash. Its not finished yet but It will be finished and it will be awesome. When we where on the mat the teachers said we could do free writing I was thinking of what to do then I thought of doing a plane crash and survival story. The story is a chapter book and the first chapters small because it just explains what happens at the start and how he got trapped in the forest.

When you are really trapped in a forest the first three things you need are
1. find food
2. find water
3. build a shelter
After all that's done you can do other stuff like entertain your self and run around and build other stuff. But if you do get trapped in a forest before you mess around do the three main things. So here's my survival story.

Could you give me some feedback on how I can make my story better or add some things in for my story.

My maths - the new maths game -

Hello, bloggers for my maths group we learned a new math game, it`s so much fun. You will need a deck of cards, three people. To play the game you put the deck of cards upside down so you can't see them, after that you take a card from the deck and put it n your head but you can`t look at it. The person you chose to be the answer and then the person says the answer like twenty then you have to figure out what your number is. If you gusse your number before the other player you get a point then you keep doing that until you stop. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Maths work - multiplication and division -

Hello, bloggers
This week for Maths I've been doing multiplication and division. I have been working on a slide. We had to put the question in our books, then the answer, then do the next question. The thing that made it easy was to use these sticks. They make it so that it will explain division to a five year old. The thing that made it hard was not having the right amount of sticks for the next question. So you had to have the box next to you, so you could just grab the amount of sticks that you needed. I think I have improved in my maths because I've been using materials to help me. Here is the slide I have been working on. Try and do a question!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Recount - sailing trip -

Hello, bloggers we have had several trips this year, but sailing was the second best next to camp! On Friday, the second of november we went sailing on lake rua. Firstly, we got on the bus and went to Lake Rua. When we made it to lake rua, we all packed off the bus and sat down on an tarp. When the instructors came and told us how to build the boat like puting the mast and the rutor and tying a knot for the rope . After building the boat we got shown how to get speed on the boat, and how to slow down. After we where a master at getting speed, we got shown what to do if the sail came around to you. I wasn't that good at it but I still got to the side I had to.

After that we got life jackets on, so  if we fall off we don't go under the water. When we got our life jackets on we went down to the water bed to get in a boat. When it was my turn in a boat I was worried because I felt like I was going to fall out of  the boat but I only had waves hit the side of the boat. However, I nearly fell overboard!!!

After that we had lunch. When lunch was over we got to walk around and talk. After having a break we went back into the water to have another go at sailing. I had at least seven turns at sailing. Most of the time I would get stuck in one place and not be able to get out.  After getting out of the boat for the seventh time we went back took our life jackets off and took the boat apart and putting the pieces back where they came from. I can sum up the day in one word and that is extraordinary.