Friday, September 21, 2018

my finished narritive

Hello bloggers, For the ones who read my last post you would have known I have been doing a narrative. But I didn't finish it so this is the full story. The website I used to make my flip book was flipsnack. Give it a try because you can make an amazing story even better. The front cover picture was made on flipsnack because it has 126 different shapes. This story is the second narrative I ever done so I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My writing - narrative post test -

Hello, bloggers, today I did my narrative post-test. I was so fun to write the draft and planning to make the story on track and not of in different ways. My story was about a spaceman going around the milky way trying to fix mars because of a bomb explosion. But my story isn't finished yet. In my story, there are dragons, a black dotted planet ( you will find out what is on the planet when I finished my story. ) So here it is.

Somewhere in space in the year 2029, there was a spaceman by the name of matt. Matt was a brave man he had faced many challenges like space spiders and aliens. One day this all changed. This is this is the story of matt. After a successful mission of sneaking into enemy mothership one three nine eight ane getting planes for the aliens next attack, the commander said ¨ Matt get to mars now before it's too late “. As Matt ran to his ship and got to mars there was a huge explosion.

Then on the radio matts commander said ¨ do you remember the fight from two centuries age ¨ than matt replied ¨ yeah I do why are you asking ¨ Than the commander replied with ¨ well they put a bomb in mars but they must have accidentally put it on the year 2029 and it blew up right now ”  than static came on then the commander said ¨ huge chunks of mars got to different planets and through the milky way ¨ than matt replied ¨ on it ¨ so fast that the commander couldn't say are you on it.

When watt went to the Saturn but as he landed he released a loud growl. It was a space dragon that was on the planet and it was in front of a piece of mars. Matt got out his gun got a tranquilizer dart but look at what it said on it and the one he grabbed was one century instead of three minutes and when Matt shoot the dragon it went to sleep instantly. Then he called his commander to ask how he was going to pick the piece of mars up than a huge robot suit came down than matt jumped in the suit than it turned on ¨ system activate ¨ than matt grabbed the piece of mars than put it where mars went.

Then the commander said ¨ that was the only planet that had a piece of mars on it, now you have to go through the milky way and our tracker won't be in range, so good luck ¨  when Matt went through the milky way things got weird. The first planet matt went to had black spots on it. When he landed on the planet he saw a line of red dust.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My reading work - the kookaburra -

Hello bloggers, this week for reading I have been working on the kookaburra activities. The first activity I did was ¨ make a poster/advert/ youtube ad ¨ but I chose to do a poster. I did it on and it is fun and easy as pie and by easy as pie I mean it's easy as pie. Go try it out sometime and if you have never used before I promise you that you will like it.

Friday, September 7, 2018

My reading - what a cassowary dose when its fels cornered

Hello bloggers, this week in reading I´ve been reading about the Cassowary. Did you know that the cassowary is the most dangerous  bird in the world? I would not want to have this bird as a pet. I did an activity about what a cassowary does when it´s cornered. What happens in the slide is not really what happens when a cassowary rams you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My maths - algebra

Hello, bloggers, this week in maths I have been working on algebra in my maths. You may think its hard but I think its easy when you get hang of it then its so easy. When I first saw it I thought it was going to be so hard well it was but not as hard as I thought. But who would have had the idea to put numbers and letters together?

Well if you like algebra here are three questions. 10 + a = 26, 26 + q = 30, 30 + a = 50.

Friday, August 31, 2018

My long write the rubbish hill

Hello, bloggers, on Friday we got to do a free write about rubbish of something like that.
I got 404 words and four paragraphs. My favorite was finding the Picture to use

A lot of rubbish
A hill of rubbish
Bad for the environment
A lot of plastic
Bad for the sea
Bad for sea and land creatures

When I woke up this morning I went to my backyard and I saw my dog barking at something,
when I went around the corner I saw it a pile of rubbish and it was our rubbish. I think the garbage truck got full and all of the rubbish went flying everywhere because when I looked over the fence all of the neighbors had a huge hill of rubbish too. When I looked to my left neighbor he was starting to dig a hole well that's going to take a long time. I went to get the shovel but by the time I got them I remembered when I
used it broke.
I dashed to the shovel store but the man said ¨ sorry we are all out ¨.
When it got out of the store the wind was whooshing and that meant that the rubbish was flying.
When I looked up I saw all the rubbish flying to the beach and I saw a bird going to a plastic bag.
so I dashed to the tree and got the bag before the bird could get to it. When I was done with the bird,
I dashed to the beach to find a lot of rubbish in the water so I went in with a splash.  
When I was in the water I was splashing around grabbing the rubbish out. But there was a turtle going to a plastic bag I swam as fast as I could.
I grabbed the bag before turtle than the turtle swam the other way then I went to the garbage truck place and said ¨send more trucks out at a time¨ than from that point on there were three trucks at a time.
Then I dug a hole with my old shovel because the old shovel was a toy shovel so I dug a hole.
Then I put water in than I had just made a free pool.
Then my dog had jumped in and made an big splash and got my face wet.
So I splashed him back then he went to the other side
but kicked so much water at my face I got the hose and put it on spray and hit him with so much water.
When I looked at my neighbor he was still digging a hole by the time he was done he saw
no rubbish the filling up the hole.       

Thursday, August 30, 2018

My reading work - the cassowary

Hello, bloggers for this week of my reading work I was working on activates for the text I was reading this week the cassowary and I made a poster for a zoo that had the cassowary. It was so much fun to make, my favorite part was to try to make it as real as possible because it is fake but it's still fun to make because you get to make prices, warnings, to do and not to do. Altogether my favorite part is when you draw the cassowary and the warning signs. I hope you like my poster and if you want to give it a go is a computer/tablet, pens paper, and ideas.