Friday, July 6, 2018

My Term 2 reflection sheet

My challenge was not being able to sit next to kade or Rhys because I not used to not talking on the mat
for ten or fifteen minutes but I got used to it my other challenge and to get work done so I don't do it a reward time.

I am proud of my writing this term because it is easier to get 250 words and have the feeling
of  being free and going out to break with kade and Rhys to do things that are so much fun
that we just have fun with like digging in the sandpit like radome people who don't know how to dig.

I have shown my hero qualities on the mat kind of for not talking on the mat so much and outside
by doing stuff like playing with kade and Rhys and having fun because we make games up than
play them then have fun.

What has not gone well for me was being separated from kade and Rhys on the mat and when we work
because we talk too much about radome stuff and don't get our work done and we have to do it in
reward time.

Next term I want to work on my math and working hard and long for fifteen minutes for long hard work so my reward  time starts so much faster so can do something fun so I can make some stuff and do some stuff and so when I go home I can have the feeling of yes I got my reward.

Friday, June 29, 2018

my newspaper report

Hello, for the last week me and my class had to work on a website called make my newspaper. It was so much fun to make a newspaper and here is my newspaper work so far so please enjoy and can you give me feedback on how I can improve my writing and spelling.


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

my camp photo book

This is my camp photo book please enjoy. There will be a what happened before the camp at school soon. This camp was so much fun to me so please enjoy.

Friday, May 11, 2018

My non Chronological report

Hello, this is my non Chronological report, For the last week or so I Have been learning about non Chronological reports we did a ton of them but I chose this one to put on my blog. I learned that non-chronological has a heading and subheadings and they are long. I found thinking of a subheading .for the time I improved I put in some comas into my writing. That writing down the bottom is my non Chronological report



It has 5 red legs, a big brown hairy body,
a 12 burnt on its body.
It has razor sharp teeth,
bright yellow eyes.
It has long sharp poisonous claws,
a long scaly tail.

How dangerous is it

It will swipe its claw at anyone it sees,
If they try to run, It will summon a beast to stomp on the person that tries to run
.The summoner will also bite anyone who goes near it.

Where to find it
If you find a dark cave with 2 anonymous yellow glowing dots DO NOT GO IN.

Friday, April 13, 2018