Friday, November 9, 2018

Maths work - multiplication and division -

Hello, bloggers
This week for Maths I've been doing multiplication and division. I have been working on a slide. We had to put the question in our books, then the answer, then do the next question. The thing that made it easy was to use these sticks. They make it so that it will explain division to a five year old. The thing that made it hard was not having the right amount of sticks for the next question. So you had to have the box next to you, so you could just grab the amount of sticks that you needed. I think I have improved in my maths because I've been using materials to help me. Here is the slide I have been working on. Try and do a question!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Recount - sailing trip -

Hello, bloggers we have had several trips this year, but sailing was the second best next to camp! On Friday, the second of november we went sailing on lake rua. Firstly, we got on the bus and went to Lake Rua. When we made it to lake rua, we all packed off the bus and sat down on an tarp. When the instructors came and told us how to build the boat like puting the mast and the rutor and tying a knot for the rope . After building the boat we got shown how to get speed on the boat, and how to slow down. After we where a master at getting speed, we got shown what to do if the sail came around to you. I wasn't that good at it but I still got to the side I had to.

After that we got life jackets on, so  if we fall off we don't go under the water. When we got our life jackets on we went down to the water bed to get in a boat. When it was my turn in a boat I was worried because I felt like I was going to fall out of  the boat but I only had waves hit the side of the boat. However, I nearly fell overboard!!!

After that we had lunch. When lunch was over we got to walk around and talk. After having a break we went back into the water to have another go at sailing. I had at least seven turns at sailing. Most of the time I would get stuck in one place and not be able to get out.  After getting out of the boat for the seventh time we went back took our life jackets off and took the boat apart and putting the pieces back where they came from. I can sum up the day in one word and that is extraordinary.


Thursday, November 1, 2018

My recount - athletics day -

Hello, bloggers,  on Friday the 26th of October  it was athletics day. At the start of the day, I was nervous because  I knew that it was not going to be like practice, but it was really fun when we did it. After the event, we had to write a recount about it and I think my recount is pretty good. The class has been learning about what makes a recount and about the success criteria. I found that putting the recount in chronological order and using other time connectives apart from then. I feel like I have improved with recounts because I used language and structure. Here is my amazing recount.

Friday, October 26, 2018

my tuesday work - wearable arts -

Hello, bloggers, on Tuesdays the year 7 and 8s go to technology, and the year 5 and 6s stay at the school and do cool project work. Every term we change the project and this term is Wearable Arts, so the first thing we have to do is get into our groups. The teacher said we can be in a group of  2 or 3. So I got into a group with Eamon. After we were in our groups we had to find out what materials we had to use and our design. Eamon and I decided to make a ninja called the red X ninja. The teacher put down the materials. Eamon and I looked through the materials and found two bamboo sticks and
egg cartons. We also had to have a base to stick the stuff onto.

In week two I and Eamon looked like we had nothing but two bamboo sticks then the teacher gave us a bag that looked like a body bag but we made it work. Eamon and I cut a hole in the bottom to make leg holes then we made the armholes. then with some of the leftover fabric, we made an X to go on the chest and we painted them red. We are still doing the wearable art project until we are all finished our costume and some people are almost done with there costume and they look amazing.   

Friday, October 19, 2018

My writing - long write -

Hello, bloggers, On Friday I did a recount long write and it was based o a video called taking flight. We got to chose if we where the kid or the granddad/grandpa I chose the kid and I found it so easy because the granddad you have to do more stuff then the kid. I got three paragraphs down and it was good. here is my writing:

One bright Sunday morning, I had to go to grandpas house for the day.  I thought It will be boring because
he only knows how to do grown-up stuff but when we got them I had to wait on a box. Then I saw
something that caught my eye. It looked like an old photo. Then I grabbed some boxes and climbed up
to the top. But then I fell down the grandpa came in and he saw that I had a wagon beside me and then
before I knew it I was in the wagon going down the sidewalk.

Than grandpa told me about some escaped zoo monkeys than I heard a monkey noise than a lot more.
As we where running we had to go in a bout but the water had crocodiles in it. After we got past th
e crocodiles we were heading to a waterfall and fast. But to my surprise, we had gone down and then we
were in a plane. Then we were flying over the city. But we had ran out of gas then we  had to jump
we had to jump out but by the time I heard him he was already halfway out of the plane. I jumped out of
the plane and when I was ready I pulled the rope the release my parachute.

Then at the park grandpa was talking about aliens than a ray came and zapped the swings when
I looked up I chould see aliens. Then I   into the spaceship that I had to zap all the aliens But than the
mothership came but then I heard a car stop than my dad came out and asked me why we were so dirty
than I got n the car and went home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My novle study - reading -

Hello, bloggers, on Monday we got our books for novel study. My book had 13 chapters and 64 pages. We have a whole slide to do until we can do some fun activities like make a diorama and do some drawings and stuff like that. I have finished my novel already but I still have to do all the authors facts and when they started writing. The slide has got a lot of while you read and early, mid and end book activities. The title of the book is ¨ Surfing the future " and its weird the way the author has written some of the words and sentences. I liked how the book did not stay on one subject for too long so it makes it short and snappy.     

Friday, September 21, 2018

my finished narritive

Hello bloggers, For the ones who read my last post you would have known I have been doing a narrative. But I didn't finish it so this is the full story. The website I used to make my flip book was flipsnack. Give it a try because you can make an amazing story even better. The front cover picture was made on flipsnack because it has 126 different shapes. This story is the second narrative I ever done so I hope you enjoy.